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July 2018

Tools to re-engage bank customers
69% of millennials have not received formal financial education. Banks and credit unions could fill that gap, but they must use new tools to move from focusing on transactions to focusing on relationship banking that promotes financial wellness for their customers and members.  [From ABA Bank Marketing]

How to get branch design right in the digital age
More than half of all consumers are still visiting branches at least once a month, some even more frequently than that. [From Financial Brand]

Can cash and digital payments coexist?
While digital payments are steadily growing in popularity, cash remains very much a part of consumers’ financial lives even in the least cash-friendly countries. [From ATM Marketplace]

PwC's 2018 digital banking consumer survey
After surveying 4,000 consumers about different banking channels, PwC finds that a "mobile first" strategy will win the market but traditional banking centers are still important for specific transactions. [From PwC Financial Services]

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June 2018

Fintechs and digital-only alternatives face a consumer backlash
The most satisfied consumers — which J.D. Powers calls “branch-dependent digital consumers” — have visited a branch at least twice in last three months. [From The Financial Branch]

Winning the new deposit war
For the past decade, banks have taken for granted the abundance of low-cost deposits. Customers flocked to banks for safety during the crisis, and didn’t see any attractive investments for that money long after the crisis ended. However, there is ample evidence this period of easy deposit growth has come to an end. From ABA Bank Marketing]

Improving customer experience depends on rewriting this rule
Ask your customers to name the most important thing you can do to win their loyalty, and you’ll probably hear, “make it easy for me” as the most common answer. While simple in concept, this is at odds with how most banks serve their customers.[From Bank Director]

A consumer-centric approach to retail banking sales
Good customer outcomes are best achieved by delivering new capabilities, technology, process, and policy changes in a way that the front line can adopt quickly and easily. [From McKinsey & Company]

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May 2018

The digital banking imperative
In the age of the customer, banks will either reinvent themselves or be forgotten. [From Forrester]

Bank of America's 500 new branches show the death of the bank branch might be overstated
Branches are still a valuable asset to banks — 60% of US consumers would still prefer to visit a branch, rather than use a digital banking channel, to open a new checking account, according to a Novantas study. [From Business Insider]

    Where stores can still compete - and win
    For all the well-documented challenges and economic pressures of managing brick-and-mortar locations, shopping trends and consumer spend still favor the store. After all, some 80 percent of purchases are expected to still happen in stores in 2020. [From McKinsey]

    The changing face of branch banking
    As an increasing number of consumers use their mobile devices to conduct banking transactions, many wondered if this is the death knell for the physical branch. However, instead of becoming obsolete, brick and mortar bank branches are being reinvigorated by technology. [From DBS]

    Why Amazon is a 'no-go' for most retailers
    Even in an increasingly digital arena, the branch network can play a critical role in building trust and credibility, providing financial advice, offering convenience, and easing the transition to digital channels. [From Chain Store Age]

    The future of branch banking is unclear. The only thing that's certain is that branch banking is undergoing unprecedented changes. Retail banks and credit unions are scrambling to meet the demands of changing customer preferences. These demands have executives making big bets on technology that may be obsolete before it can generate an ROI. This 34-page ebook examines how cash automation fundamentally impacts retail banking and how to ease into a branch evolution strategy. [From ARCA]

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