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Handling cash is expensive. Cash automation increases profit by reducing labor costs. It’s technology that pays for itself.

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Counting cash by hand is a waste of money.

From the front counter to the back office, ARCA cash automation technology allows you to stop wasting your profits on the labor required to count and recount cash during till preparation and reconciliation each day. Your staff is able to spend more time on the sales floor.

Cash automation also reduces your cash exposure and risk. Money is secured in a smart safe eliminating the threat of theft. Your money, employees and customers are less at risk.

The ROI? The technology often pays for itself within a year. More savings, more profits, less risk, quick ROI. It’s belt tightening technology that makes sense.

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From point-of-sale smart safes to back office cash recyclers our technology gives you complete cash visibility and peace-of-mind while impacting the bottom line. 

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Save Time
Save time

Eliminating manual cash-counting at the beginning, during and at the end of the day cans save as much as 90 minutes per employee.

Save Money
Save money

Cash automation can reduce labor and cash-in-transit costs by eliminating the need to clear cash out of a drawer for overnight storage.

Provisional Credit
Provisional credit

Cash automation allows you to set-up provisional bank credit. Money is immediately credited, enabling instant access to that cash.

Improve Productivity
Improve productivity

The speed and accuracy of cash automation means staff can focus on better service--a better return on their time and skills (and your wage budget) than counting cash.

Improve Visibility
Improve visibility

Get an overview of your entire system in real time with remote monitoring.

Increase Safety and Reduce Risk
Increase safety and reduce risk

Lower the amount of cash in the store environment, reduce risk and decrease the odds of a robbery. Less human handling of cash means less temptation for staff.

Solve some of the persistent cash problems that plague retailers.

Download this ebook and discover the technology that banks have used for years to eliminate cash-handling headaches.

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