ARCA Cannabis Cash Control

Cash is a headache. We have the cure.

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Having stacks of cash is a good thing. Right?

You’re in business to make money. That’s the point. And generating large amounts of cash shouldn’t be a problem. But the reality is, huge stacks of cash are a headache.  

At ARCA, we have the cure. Our cash management solutions have been trusted by banks and retailers for over 20 years to streamline their cash processes and take control of the hours they were losing handling cash.

ARCA Cannabis Cash Control is a comprehensive combination of Professional Services, ARCA's unique 5 Point Service Advantage, Cash Intelligence software, and Cash Automation technology. The benefits are plentiful.  

  • ARCA's industry experts consult with you to make sure you have the perfect solution for your business circumstance and needs 

  • ARCA's Cash Automation technology reduces time and resources wasted on cash handling, improves security and accountability by reducing cash touches

  • ARCA's Cash Intelligence improves analysis and compliance through generated data reports, remote visibility and control of cash inventory across multiple locations

  • ARCA's 5 Point Service Advantage ensures white glove attention throughout the entire customer experience

Cannabis Retail Benefits

Tightening your belt has never been easier. 

Save time. Improve security. Add visibility. 

ARCA Cannabis Cash Control allows cannabis dispensaries and retailers to streamline their cash operations for better cash control and leaner bottom lines.

They save time and increase security by automating cash processes. This reduces cash touches, stores cash and more. 

Our cash automation technology packages your cash securely into a sealed, deposit bag while it's still inside the safe for completely touchless transactions. Learn more.


The benefits of cash automation.

Save Time
Saved time & labor costs

Save up to 3 hours each day of valuable labor by automating till dispenses, till returns and deposit preparation. Balance in a fraction of time to get your staff out of the store faster at closing.

Save Money
Improved security

Reduce cash touches including a virtually touchless deposit preparation and deposit bag that’s automatically sealed inside the safe.

Provisional Credit
Increased visibility of cash

Built-in reporting software tracks every transaction and provides full auditability. Files and reports can be accessed remotely for visibility across multiple locations. . 

Improve Productivity
Improved productivity

Staff can focus less on counting cash and more on providing additional service and an improved customer experience--a better return on their time and skills.

Improve Visibility
Increased cash intelligence

ARCA cash management software integrates with all devices and lets you monitor cash inventory in real time, across multiple locations, with analysis and reporting to aid compliance.

Increase Safety and Reduce Risk
Added accountability

Unique user IDs can be configured for different access levels, each with a complete audit trail to reduce risk.

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Great technology is only part of our story 

At your service. That's our real difference. With ARCA, you know you're getting a team of experienced experts who are with you throughout the entire process. We make sure you have the right solution for your needs. Then we help standardize your processes so you maximize the benefits of the technology. Even after you're up and running, you ARCA team is always available for support.

It's our 5 Point Service Advantage.