Webinar: The ROI of Retail Cash Recycling 

ARCA retail cash solutions deliver fast, secure cash automation to lower the cost of cash for retail businesses.

Shawn Kruger, ARCA Global Retail Leader

Our experience shows an average ROI in 14 to 16 months with cash recycling.

During this webinar, ARCA Global Retail Leader, Shawn Kruger will walk you through the compelling ROI model for cash recyclers in grocery. You will also learn how ARCA’s approach to cash recycling allows your organization to: 

  • Utilize a solution set built for what grocery operations actually need. Most cash automation companies want to sell you a cash and coin recycler. Why? Do you take in enough coin to recycle that to customers? Why did Target eliminate the coin recycler from their solution set?
  • Spend less time, money, and labor counting cash and preparing deposits. Which means your staff can be repurposed for more valuable, customer-centric work. On average, every cashier saves 12 to 15 minutes every shift while managers recover over 60 minutes per day to focus on their operations and customer service.
  • Make your cash more visible and secure. Each automated transaction generates a complete audit trail for an added layer of accountability. Human contact with cash is reduced 60%, lowering the opportunities for internal and external theft
  • Reduce idle cash and keep less cash in drawers. Getting provisional credit for deposited money gives you additional working capital for your entire organization.
About ARCA

ARCA has built our business on reliable products and service our customers know
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About Shawn Kruger

Shawn Kruger has over three decades of experience in product development and sales strategy.

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Thursday April 25th
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT