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Counting cash takes a toll

You see it every day. In retail businesses around the world, people are hunched over, counting cash by hand. At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of every shift, the labor hours add up. The time totals can be startling to even the most seasoned business owner. It’s a huge waste of resources and an opportunity thief.

Whatever your business is, it’s highly likely that you’re spending way too much time and money on cash-related tasks. Fortunately, we know a great way to ease the pain.  

Greater efficiency through automation

Human beings are great at a lot of things. But let’s face it, sometimes machines outperform us. This is one of those cases. We don’t take it personally because they allow us to do other fun and more profitable things.

Automation technology handles money more quickly, accurately, safely and well, better than humans. That’s where waste is cut and efficiency is gained. Spend less. Save more. 

ARCA's philosophy of retail cash automation

We believe one size doesn’t fit all. What works at the zoo may not be the best fit for a grocery store. So we have developed a variety of products that perform cash handling tasks in different ways. Automation systems that are simple and integrate into your business seamlessly.

We work hard to make it easy for you. We want you to reap the benefits of cash automation right now. And be on your way to a quick and profitable ROI.

Key benefits of automation

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Less time, money, and labor is spent on counting cash. Repetitive tasks such as till preparation, end-of-shift reconciliation and bank drops are greatly reduced. Team members can be re-purposed toward more customer-centric actions.

Cash Automation Savings Infographic

Cash is more visible and secure. Each transaction generates a complete audit trail and an added layer of accountability. Remote monitoring gives an instant analysis of cash amounts. Human contact with cash is reduced which lowers the opportunities for internal and external theft. Safes are rated for overnight storage so money can be stored on-site.   

Cash Automation Savings Infographic

Idle cash is reduced. Daily cash float amounts in drawers are lower. Provisional credit for deposited money can lead to additional working capital for the entire organization. Cash-in-transit trips and costs are lowered.     

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The best retail solution.

ARCA technology automates repetitive labor, potentially halving the time staff need to spend on starting floats, note sweeps and swaps, coin and note counting, and end-of-day reconciliation. It saves time and money, eliminates shrinkage, improves productivity and cash visibility. It can also allow you to receive provisional credit, enabling instant access to you money.  

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Save time

Eliminating manual cash-counting at the beginning, during and at the end of the day cans save as much as 90 minutes per employee.

Save money

Cash automation can reduce labor and cash-in-transit costs by eliminating the need to clear cash out of a drawer for overnight storage.

Provisional credit

Cash automation allows you to set-up provisional bank credit. Money is immediately credited, enabling instant access to that cash.

Improve productivity

The speed and accuracy of cash automation means staff can focus on better service--a better return on their time and skills (and your wage budget) than counting cash.

Improve visibility

Get an overview of your entire system in real time with remote monitoring.

Increase safety and reduce risk

Lower the amount of cash in the store environment, reduce risk and decrease the odds of a robbery. Less human handling of cash means less temptation for staff.

Solve some of the persistent cash problems that plague retailers.

Download this ebook and discover the technology that banks have used for years to eliminate cash-handling headaches.

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