White Paper

The Impact of Cash Recycling on Branch Operations

In this white paper, you will learn how teller cash recyclers:

  • Dramatically improve the level of control and security of branch cash
  • Save significant amounts of time and money by automating manual processes
  • Eliminate wasted, low-value work by tellers and increase their transactional throughput
  • Let managers and head tellers focus on helping customers and staff by eliminating many of their custodial dual control activities

Banks and credit unions provide a high level of service to their members. Branches can be quite busy and a complex mix of transactions is usually present, both at teller windows and drive-up windows. The challenge of efficiently controlling significant cash inventories and transactional cash flow using existing staffing models is normally cited by branch staff as the primary opportunity for improvement.

Branches implemented a number of strategies for minimizing the number of dual-control processes in use, but analysis shows that using teller cash recyclers (TCRs) either as a vault, or to replace cash drawers on the teller line have broad impact.