White Paper

Cash Recyclers Transform Customer Service and Help Increase Profits

In this white paper, you will:

  • Learn how recyclers allow tellers to focus on customers instead of cash.
  • Understand that meaningful customer experience builds loyalty.
  • See how cash recyclers can grow revenue through cross-selling and better customer service.

Creating a great customer experience requires creativity and engagement from all bank employees -- from management to tellers. Since most banks offer the same basic products and services, many are looking for new ways to engage customers. 

Cash recyclers offer many tangible benefits including increased branch staff productivity, another level of controls, reduced vault trips, and accurate and efficient drawer balancing. While these are easy to quantify and measure, cash recyclers also provide intangible perks.

During a standard retail cash transaction, tellers spend at least two minutes counting, sorting or handling bills. This is time spent looking down and focusing on something other than the customer. And that’s time that could be better spent interacting with a client and listening for potential ways to cross-sell products.