Retail Cash Automation: Cash Recyclers & Provisional Credit

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Provisional credit is one of the critical benefits of retail cash automation. And teller cash recyclers like Intelligent Safes offer you the opportunity to partition a portion of the actual technology itself to receive and store funds. And the information of the data generated from that storage allows the bank to apply provisional credit against the cash held in the machine. 
One of the things that recyclers are really starting to open up for financial institutions and organizations that serve corporate treasury groups, is settlement funds -- the ability to rather than simply address the cash earmarked for revenue, they can begin to offer cash as a service, and own the entire company content of what’s in that cash recycler. 
At the end of the day, if the retailer’s taken out more than where they started, their account is debited. And if they've put more money in, they receive a credit to their account. So, it goes beyond provisional credit to truly automating their entire cash flow product.