Retail Cash Automation: Cash Recyclers & Lean

ARCA Expert Jeff Hauser


One of the ways that Lean, or you can take the Lean concept, the idea of moving the work or impacting or affecting the work where the work is done, one of the things we see that that's an artifact it's kind of an embracing of TCR's or cash recyclers in retail is two things, from the Lean mindset. First, it empowers the people where the work is being done to improve the way that they transact their business. They have better controlled access to cash, greater degrees to accounted ability without having to engage in some of the cumbersome, dual-control type processes that slow them down that make them inefficient.
And the next, I would say, is inventory management. In Lean there's the need to avoid using inventory as a means to protecting gaps or weaknesses in production, and with cash inventory to retail level by centrally managing cash. And by managing your data in a way that you couldn't previously, you are able to control inventory and take that non-performing asset out of your business.