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Hewlett Packard and ARCA


Pierino Bondesan: Welcome to ARCA in Ivrea

Mort O'Sullvan: ARCA is really a purpose-driven company and our purpose is to re-imagine everyday transactions, to free people to focus on what's most important to them. ARCA has three main customer segments. We have the banking segment, financial institutions, credit unions and banks, and then the second one is retail customers, and the third are our OEM customers. OEM customers are manufactures that incorporate our technology into their products. We really work hard to understand the problems of our customers, and I think what makes us unique is that we have a wider array of technology solutions that we can bring to the table than any of our competitors. 
So I think we really understand the customer's problem and put together the right solution to address their issues. One trend we see in the industry is a decentralization of transactions and trying to complete as much of the transaction at the point where a business is interacting with an end user customer, so we're definitely adapting our technology to support those kinds of transactions. 
Pierino Bondesan: We developed different kind of machine in order to meet the needs of our customer. Here we have the different kind of scanners, we developed different versions in order to meet all the customer needs worldwide. In the scanner, we integrated the HP printer, we use a HP cartridge in order to write on the back of the check, the endorsement that normally the bank require. This is a very important operation in order to know exactly when the document was purchased. They print the name of the branch, the date that the document was purchased, and sequence in number in order to recognize the transaction of the document. We integrated the HP technology because they are a leader on the market, and that the quality of the printer in the document is very clear, and our customers are satisfied about them. 
Mort O'Sullvan: We have a lot of our own technology, and so that is the core of what we bring to the table with our customers, but we also incorporate important third party technology into our products, and the relationship we have with HP is an example of that. 
Mario Gubernati: We really value the relationship that we have with HP and with other suppliers that are considered like high tech companies, in order to keep a good technology and good quality of our product. 
Mort O'Sullvan: We are always looking to incorporate the best technology we can into our products and we're looking at trends in the industry and making sure that the products we develop today will be relevant in years to come. One of the other directions we're moving is providing less and less just a piece of the technology. We're moving toward providing complete solutions for the customers that include the hardware, software, and services.