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Fujitsu F53 and F56 Cash Dispensers

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Hi, I am Pete from ARCA, here to introduce the Fujitsu Large Footprint Dispensers. This is a Fujitsu F400 and the Fujitsu F510. The key differences between the Fujitsu F400 and F510 are the presenter options. Fujitsu F400 is a spray dispenser, where the notes are ejected one at a time and through a cash pocket. The Fujitsu F510 has a bunch presenter, where the notes are pooled at the top of the unit, and then presented to the consumer in a bunch.
The capacity differences between the F400 and F510, the F400 has a capacity of up to 5 cassettes, with 2000 notes per cassette. The Fujitsu F510 can hold up to 3000 notes per cassette, with a total configuration of 6 cassettes for 18,000 notes total. 
The primary applications for Fujitsu F400 and F510 are gaming, high-volume, high-transactions. The reliability of the Fujitsu F400 and F510 is second to none. Again, that's the Fujitsu F400 and F510 large capacity dispensers.