Cash Dispenser or Cash Recycler?


Hi, my name’s Jeff, and I'm with ARCA. I'm here today to talk to you about the difference between teller cash dispensers and teller cash recyclers. They both serve a very important purpose, and have a common mission -- to approve or solve problems relative to cash handling, to create efficiencies for those who handle the cash, and to enhance security for both employees and for customers. 
To understand how these two different machines serve the same common purpose, it's important to understand how they're different. Teller cash dispensers are unidirectional devices. What I mean by that is, cash is manually loaded under dual control into a TCD, and then that same cash is dispensed to customers as needed. This is an ideal solution when a location is cash negative. This means they give out more cash than they take in. It's easy to use, highly secure, and enjoys a very large capacity. Commonly, we see TCDs installed in branch drive-throughs of banks or credit unions. It's great for retail cash rooms in the right environments, commonly located in gaming or casino environments. And it's also common in municipal offices, where dispensing cash is quite frequent. 
TCRs on the other hand are slightly different. They take the same technology as TCDs and take it a quantum leap forward. They're bi-directional. Therefore, the same cash that's presented to the TCR is then used to distribute to customers in need later on. By doing that, you've eliminated the dual-control loading, or the manual counting or touching of cash. You've improved cashier efficiency, because not only do they have the benefit of dispensing cash automatically, they've got the ability to count, sort, and store cash automatically. We've taken them out of the business of handling that currency. 
We reduce cash inventory quite frequently as a result of having better visibility to where and how cash is stored. They're easy to use and balance. And for those customers, or those partners of ours that use these in banking or credit union environments, frequently we find that the security and flexibility offered by teller cash recyclers enables them to take a look at more innovative branch design, more customer friendly layouts. 
At the end of the day, you'll see that both of these technologies live in very similar places: banks, credit unions, large retailers, entertainment venues. Understanding which is right for you is about understanding the difference between your environment and others.