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Brian Cook, President Cook Security Group: Hi, I'm Brian Cook and welcome to Cook Security Group.

Randy Neu, CMO, Cook Security Group: We do everything from electronic security, which is your alarms, access control, and video to your physical security, which is your safes, teller cash, recyclers.

Molly Angelo, CFO, Cook Security Group: We have an excellent customer base, we're in seven different states along the West Coast and we extend out into the East Coast as well.

Randy Neu: I think the best way to describe us is that we take care of our valued customers. We started out in just a couple states in the Northwest. Today, we consider ourselves the primary service provider in the western United States.

Molly Angelo: Our partnership with ARCA has been evolving for the last couple of years and we sincerely appreciate this partnership.

Tom Wiese, Vice President of Product Sales & Consultative Services, Cook Security Group: Prior to the ARCA relationship, our sales in teller cash automation was not as robust as we all needed it to be, but we've grown 20-fold in sales and service on the TCA solution set and it's fabulous.

Randy Neu: We feel like that our culture and our alignment with ARCA, we think very similarly, in terms of being proactive, putting ourselves in the seat of the customer, and it's just been a great match.

Michael Hansen, Regional Manager, Unitus Community Credit Union: ARCA's partnership with Cook Security has made a tremendous difference for us because we've been dealing with Cook Security for years, they've been a solid vendor and solid service provider for a long time. And to have them be able to install and maintain the equipment has made the entire adoption of the TCRs even more beneficial.

Nichole Josue, Lead Second-Line Field Technician, Cook Security Group: These are the best teller cash recyclers that I've ever worked on. They're so easy, everything's easy to get to, it's just a wonderful design.

Randy Neu: When we introduce ARCA to one of our customers or one of our current partners, we feel very comfortable passing along that introduction because we know ARCA has the same values as Cook Security Group.