ARCA Concert Software Solution


Hello, my name is Floyd Jones. I'm a Project Director at ARCA. ARCA provides cash automation solutions to a variety of cash intensive operations, including casinos. We're here at the big gaming trade show, G2E in Las Vegas, and I would like to show you one of those solutions.
This solution automates the creation of start funds for cashiers. It also automates the things that happen during the shift between the cashier and the cash room, such as skims or pick-ups where you take the extra cash out of the cash drawer and put that into the cash room. It automates any additional cash that the cashier would need during the shift. You might call these advances or loans. And then, it counts down the cash from the cash drawer at the end of the shift for the cashier. All that, without requiring any manager involvement.
So, I would walk up to the system and sign in as a cashier. We use a fingerprint to identify that that's the right person. It automatically generates my start fund. I've got my cash, and I'm ready to put that in my till and go to work.
Now, during the shift...and I get a receipt for that, as well. During the shift, if I come back and I sign back in, at that point the system doesn't know if I'm ready to finalize, or if I need to get more cash, or if I need to deposit some cash, so if we do need to do a cash advance or a pick-up, we can do that and get more cash or turn some cash in.
But, I'm just going to say I finalized that. I just take my cash, and of course, that would be the additional cash that had come in during the shift. I put that into the recycler. It counts that. It verifies that those are good bills. It stores that in the safe down below, which is a rated safe, a UL 291 rated safe. It reports what I've received there.
Now, we're not showing the coin piece of this, but there's also a rolled coin dispenser and a loose coin counter. So if I had had the coin piece of that on this system here, I would have also taken my till and dumped those loose coins into the coin counter, and that would show up here, as well.
I say I'm finished, I get a receipt for that, and I'm ready to go.