A Teller's Review of the ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler

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A Teller's Review of the ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler

FirstCapital Bank of Texas - Texas

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FirstCapital Bank Of Texas - Texas

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A Teller's Review of the ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler

Kenyaston Phelps, Teller, FirstCapital Bank of Texas:  "I love it. It is the best invention, in my opinion. For one, when we balance, it's way easier to balance with using that compared to the teller drawers because it counts everything for you. It can let you know if you're off or if you're short. It actually lessens the stress because of the fact that you're not having to balance your drawers constantly to make sure you're in balance.

Instead of you having to constantly sell to the vault, you can just put it in the recycler because the recycler can hold a large amount of money, and it makes it so much easier. I really, really love it and I believe our commercial customers, they appreciate it too because it's a fast pace. When you count by your hand, it's a longer process compared to the cash recyler, and you can miscount by hand and you'll be off. It keeps everything flowing, you know, especially with counterfeit money. It spits out anything it doesn't like.

We don't have teller drawers, we just have the recyler. I have no cash in my hands, which to me, is the biggest security issue that I've always had in previous banking experience that I've had, is having so much cash on in-hand because you just took a large deposit in and you're worried like, "Oh, okay, if somebody comes in, are they going to see me having all this cash?" And it just increases the factor of a robbery compared to the cash recycler because you put all the cash in there and that's it. I don't have to worry about making sure my drawer is locked with the cash, making sure it's away. The machine is safe.

At the end of the day, it's so much less working here and using the cash recycler compared to using an actual teller drawer. It tells you what you need to buy, what you need to sell to be in balance and, to me, I love that. Using a teller drawer, they can be here 30 to 40 minutes after closing time because they can't balance, but the cash recycler, you do what it says. It tells you to buy or it tells you to sell exactly that amount, then you're in balance, and that's the best feeling because then you can leave on time and you can get the rest of your day going. And so, I really love it when it comes to closing time because it tells you what you need to do and all you've got to do is listen."