Where's the Beef?

Cash RecyclerRemember the famous "Where's the Beef" commercial? Well, where's your cash? If you don't know then it is at risk for error, theft, or pilferage.

Eric Cheng from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, recently released a cash automation report titled

Trends in Retail Cash Automation: A Market Overview of Retail Cash Handling Technologies.”  This report sheds light on the benefits of cash dispensers, smart safes, and cash recyclers in retail cash operations.

It gave a pretty good overview of the functions and benefits associated with the devices: early cash capture, containment, improved cash controls, better accuracy, and efficiency.   When talking about cash handling technologies, the report was quick to point out that those machines “provide significant labor savings to the merchant or bank.”

Cash dispensers, smart safes, and cash recyclers are helping retailers capture, secure, and report cash transactions earlier, and earlier and as the report points out with real financial benefits.