The Nearly Indestructible Fujitsu F53 & F56 Cash Dispensers

We thought this might be a good opportunity to revisit perhaps the most battle tested cash dispensers in the world—the Fujitsu F53 and F56 dispenser line.  You'll find these machines in self-checkout lines, stand-alone kiosks, car washes, parking garages and more.  Join us as ARCA's OEM integration expert, Pete Sentowski talks for a bit about these tried and true cash dispensers.  

Full transcript of Pete Sentowski talking about the Fujitsu F53/F56 Cash Dispensers:

Fujitsu F53 Cash Dispenser

I'm Pete from ARCA, here to introduce the Fujitsu line of small footprint cash dispensers. This is the F-53, this is the F-56. Both cash dispensers share the exact same chassis, the chassis being the lower half of the dispenser. Dispensers come standard with a two cassette high configuration. Each cassette holds up to 500 notes, and can be configured up to as many as six cassettes. The F-53, this unit here is the semi-bunch presenter. The presenter is this top portion. The F-53 has several presenter options, among them being exterior delivery, semi-bunch, and rear access. Again this is the Fujitsu semi-bunch, where one note is dispensed at a time and held in a small bunch here for the consumer to pull the notes.

The F-56 here, again has the exact same chassis as the F-53, the only difference being the presenter top. The F-56 is used in applications where there might be foul weather or if theft might be an issue because of the shutter that is present only on the F-56. The F-56 does have the retract option as well. It's a little bit more complex than the F-53. What happens is the F-53 note path has a very simple exit where the notes comes out through the top of the presenter and are presented one at a time; the F-56 pools the notes at the top of the unit, and through the software that runs the device you can either elect to present the entire bundle to the consumer out the shutter or you can retract the entire bundle back into a retract bin. Again, this is the F-53 and F-56 line of Fujitsu small footprint dispensers.