NRF Protect, A Tavern & The American Revolution

It seems fitting that NRF Protect chose Philadelphia as the location for its annual gathering of experts in protection and security. Why? The city is also known as the birthplace of one of the toughest and most respected protection forces the world has ever seen. 

The story begins on November 10, 1775, when the Continental Congress drafted a resolution calling for two battalions of men to fight for independence at sea and on shore. Samuel Nicholas became the commanding officer and began recruiting. At Philly's first brew house, Tun Tavern, the owner, Robert Mullan, became one of the first recruits. Thus Tun Tavern is officially recognized as the birthplace of the Continental Marines. 

Eventually, the group's name would change, and forever more be known as the United States Marine Corps. And to this day, on November 10th, millions of Marines raise a glass to honor the date when Tun Tavern secured its place in military history. 

A little over a mile away from where Tun Tavern once stood sits the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the site of NRF Protect 2016. This loss prevention organization actually has a manifesto, which includes "We Lead. We anticipate. We prepare. We get the call. We Protect."  Sounds really similar to the Marines doesn't it?

So in that spirit, we at ARCA are readying our booth to join the ranks at NRF Protect.

Front and center will be the versatile CM18b. This precision machine is designed to stand post in the front or back-office, recycling incoming small notes and stowing away the big boys into sealed bags, ready for CiT pickup. The CM18b is built on the veteran CM18 platform and is steered by Concert, software that controls the cash, creating peace and harmony along the way.  

Another member of the ARCA arsenal that will be right at home at NRF Protect and in the retail trenches is the CS1one. This point-of-sale solution reduces shrinkage along the front lines, allowing cash to be quickly processed and secured during transactions.

And if you're dealing with large volumes of cash, the CSeXtra may be the just the safe harbor you're looking for.  

We're confident these ARCA machines, the few, the proud, will pass your inspection. And you can see them all the ARCA Booth.  Right before you meet Pete Rose.

As for Tun Tavern, sadly, it burned to the ground in 1791 and no longer exists. 

However, you can take a look the Marines' level of respect that remains for Tun Tavern and the date on their Facebook page. 

See you in Philly!