Meet ARCA At FIS Connect 2016

Consumers expect fast, efficient, hassle-free service from every provider. Banks and other financial services are no exception. FinTech solutions are keeping pace with customer demand but are traditional financial institutions keeping up with FinTech?

  • How do you navigate the sea of new technologies to find the right solution?
  • How do you implement new solutions without frustrating customers?
  • How do you adapt your technology infrastructure in a way that makes sense for you and your customers?

FIS Connect 2016 — Empowering the (Financial) World is focused on helping financial institutions evolve, adapt and change to meet market demand. This event is a showcase of the latest FinTech solutions and a forum for the pressing topics facing the financial services sector. It's an opportunity to network with industry executives, thought leaders and innovators, discuss trends and challenges and investigate the most cutting-edge technology solutions and integrations available.

ARCA's team of cash automation experts will be in Booth 49 demonstrating the newest addition to the established CM line of cash recycling products. The CM18 Solo - a personal cash recycler designed exclusively with the individual user in mind. It's the latest in a comprehensive line of cash automation technologies and services that help you focus on your customers, not your cash.