Introducing the ARCA Experience Center

If you visited ARCA's headquarters 19 years ago, the experience would be vastly different than today. Like many other tech companies, ARCA had a very modest beginning—launched from a home office shared by our CEO's young family. In order to see our solutions, you'd have had to visit a tiny apartment in New York City and navigate through a minefield of multi-colored lego bricks scattered haphazardly across the floor.

They grow up fast.

Outside view of the  ARCA Experience Center
ARCA Experience Center

Today, we make our home just outside North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. There you'll find the ARCA Experience Center, a gateway to the future of cash handling technology.  The Experience Center is housed in ARCA's 42,000 square-foot corporate headquarters, offering guests hands-on interactions with our portfolio of advanced technology in a casual environment.  Included in a visit is a behind-the-scenes tour of our manufacturing facility, question-and-answer sessions with cash automation analysts, and a glimpse into our quirky and fun culture.

We're proud of how we've all grown. Today at ARCA, you no longer have to worry about stepping on lego pieces. But you may still run into our CEO or members of his family. The door is always open. We'd love to show you around.