IAAPA - The most fun you'll have at a trade show

IAPPA Trade Show

How does cotton candy, skeeball, F1 simulators, ferris wheels, oh and smart safes sound? Welcome to a week at IAAPA!

IAAPA is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and their expo is held annually in Orlando, Florida. It is THE conference to attend if you are in the global attractions industry and it's a big one—more than 27,000 people are expected to walk the floor.  If you go, you'll be able to find everything you would need to start your own amusement park.

And once again, ARCA will be there as well. We have been members of IAAPA for several years and are looking forward to going again. ARCA might be nestled between rental Halloween exhibits and animatronic dragons, but we will have a full range of cash and payments products on display. 

We are excited to have a wide range of POS, Recycling, Deposit, and Payments Solutions:

  • Cashlogy POS system - Counts, deposits, and dispenses cash and coin
  • LincSafe Basic & Pro - Smart safe cash deposit units
  • CM18B - Cash recycler with deposit bag and retail software interface
  • NeoFid - Large footprint back office cash deposit system with check scanning capabilities
  • Wincor 6010 - Small footprint cash recycler
  • GP1000 - Handheld, PCI3 compliant and SRED card processing device
  • BV1000 - PCI3 compliant and SRED card reader for a kiosk or unattended environment

Handling your transactions in a better way doesn't have to be boring.&nbnbsp;  Sure we don't have a roller coaster in our booth, but we are bringing some great new products that simplify day-to-day business transactions.

Come check us out at booth #3372!