How Does A Cash Recycler Relieve Stress?

In a single day, each teller at Lake City Bank in Goshen, Indiana can handle as much as $300,000 in cash. That's not only a lot of bills, it's also a huge amount of pressure, every day, for the branch staff. There's no question and it's no surprise that a teller's job is stressful. ARCA cash recyclers will lower the stress that comes with working with a bunch of money. 

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But is lowering stress enough justification to invest in cash automation technology? Perhaps so. According to Forbes, workplace stress is responsible for up to $190 billion in annual U.S. Healthcare costs.  Eastern Kentucky University's Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety program pushes that figure higher to $300 billion by including health care and missed work days as a result of workplace stress. They even produced a cool infographic to explain everything.

What's not included in those studies is the additional anxiety facing tellers and cashiers: counting cash to the penny, protecting cash, policing fake bills and checks, and potential robberies. While we didn't make a fancy infographic, we did interview several of our customers and asked them to tell us how ARCA cash recyclers have reduced the amount of stress in their lives.