From Brewmaster to Banking Guru

ARCA founder and CEO, Mort O'Sullivan, recently sat down with host Dallas Wells of Precision Lender for the Purposeful Banker podcast.

Dallas and Mort mull over how a career that began with the intention of brewing beer for a living turned into founding one of the largest cash automation companies in the world.  Mort's circuitous route into cash technology helped him build a company with the same spirit of flexibility and responsiveness. 

Mort shares how ARCA takes a different approach to cash automation technology by focusing on the people on both sides of a cash transaction. Automating tedious manual processes improves efficiency but it also has a powerful impact on both the customer and employee experience. It's a mindset that empowers banks and retailers as well as their employees and customers.

Take a few minutes and listen to Mort's take on The Other Side of Efficiency for Precision Lender's Purposeful Banker Podcast. Enjoy!