EUROCIS is right around the corner


EUROCIS, one of the largest retail trade shows in the world, kicks-off in Dusseldorf later this month.  With over 7,000 visitors exploring the future of retail technology, EUROCIS brings people from around the world to Germany hoping for a glimpse into the future of the industry.

What should you keep an eye out for this year at EUROCIS?

In a word—technology.  While many European retailers are still recovering from the financial crisis, there are a few that have found innovative ways to affect the bottom line.  One of the ways is by embracing technology solutions that directly reduce the cost of internal operations.  From back office cash solutions to POS automation, there's a technology that fits all retailers.

ARCA and CTS will be presenting a full range of technologically advanced automation solutions that save retailers money. Don't miss the opportunity to see how these two companies reimagine everyday transaction.  Check us out at hall 10, C25.