Chicago Bound and Curious

BAI Retail Delivery

In just a few short weeks, ARCA will be heading to the Windy City for one of the biggest banking events of the year—the BAI Retail Delivery Conference.  Once again, BAI has created an event that is packed full of interesting sessions, dynamic speakers, and companies showcasing innovative products.  This conference rarely disappoints and I'm ready to go ‘all in'. 

But, what do I really want to get out of the show? 

I want to immerse myself in sessions that make me think.  I want to scratch my head in wonder over small, seemingly inconsequential points brought up by an industry thought leader.  Please, please, make me question what I thought was fact.  Challenge me to broaden my horizons.

I'm curious to watch Gary Vaynerchuk bring a room full of bankers to their feet.  His infectious enthusiasm is something to behold.  I've been lucky enough to hear him talk before and it was transformative.  Will this audience think so as well?

I'm going to let my curiosity take control as I stroll through the exhibit hall.  If something grabs my attention, I'm going to stop and ask why.  I'm going to immerse myself in promising products that might, just might, have a transformative influence on the banking landscape.  Essentially, I'm planning to open my mind and take a head-first dive into new technology. 

Most importantly, though…I plan on talking with bankers.  I want to learn how ARCA can do a better job of streamlining cash processes with the aid of technology. It's a chance to learn from the people who know the industry best while displaying our vision of the future of retail banking.  So, swing by booth #3815 and let's talk.  

Maybe, we can challenge your thinking as well.