Cash Recyclers Increase Security For Retailers

What do these two people have in common? They both allegedly stole over $200,000 from Walmart.

Our lady in the mug shot on the left had worked at a Decatur, Texas Walmart for 43 years. Sometime during that long career police believe she helped herself to nearly $240,000. It started with $50 here and there, but when no one noticed, she allegedly ramped it up to as much as $8,000 a day.

The gentleman on the right has also been Welcomed to Walmart, this one in Orange County, Florida. In a bold heist, he walked into the store disguised as a shopper, put on an "authentic looking" Walmart Assistant Manager badge and walked past an employee into the cash room. There he loaded boxes with cash from the safe and walked right out of the store with over $200,000.

A cash recycler could have prevented the loss in both of these cases. Police Chief Magazine (who knew) reports that 91.7 percent of workplace violence prevention studies find that cash control policies are an effective strategy. But only a small amount of businesses studied in Los Angeles had adequate cash control policies. Their study listed Cash Control and Correct Safe Use as the number one and two most important strategies to reduce the risk of robbery.

In addition, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health published a list of factors that increase the likelihood of violence in the retail workplace. At the top of the list were Contact With The Public and Exchange Of Money. Their suggested prevention strategies include restricting cash amounts and using locked drop safes.

For more information on how ARCA's technology can help you lower your risk watch the video below to hear our cash automation expert Jeff Hauser explain.