Cash Recyclers Are The Right Choice In Texas

For some time now I've needed to replace the battery in my car. I know this because it was cranking like me getting out of bed in the morning, very slowly, almost not at all. But at least, it was starting. That is until last night at the grocery store stop on my way home from ARCA. Loser. And then this morning as I tried to leave home for work. Loser. And once again, when I tried to go to lunch.  Loser.

So after my third battery jump in less than 24 hours, I was tired of feeling like a loser so off I go to the auto parts store in Mebane. Two questions. Why do I feel like a loser when I have to bum a battery jump? It's just a dead battery, but it makes me feel like Charlie Brown. Good grief! And even more perplexing is why are there always two competing auto parts stores right beside each other? This day I selected the one on the right.

There, a nice guy named Nick came out to test my car's battery and I was happy to hear that I did indeed need a new battery, not a new alternator. $132.64 later St. Nick was on his way to my sleigh with a new battery. Then Nick went to work, using tools I probably have at home in a box somewhere in my garage, under the inflatable Halloween decorations is where I'd look first. But then faster than you could name Santa's reindeer, Nick had me ready to dash away, dash away, dash away all. His name really was Nick and he was wearing red, no kidding.

A 10mm (0.4 in) precision socket wrench was just the charm to make Nick very efficient at his task at hand. If I had tried to replace the battery myself as much as I'd like to think the socket wrench set with all the right attachments is right under the flat pumpkin in my garage, the reality is I'd probably be at the mercy of a pair of pliers. The right tool always makes all the difference between feeling like a jolly old elf or the Grinch with a heart two sizes too small.

It's the same thing with automation technology. In Midland, Texas, our friends at FirstCapital Bank of Texas, tell their own tale of how one of their customers discovered that cash recycler was really the 10mm (0.4 in) precision socket wrench he needed when it was time to make his commercial deposit.