4 Steps to Improve Cash Controls

If you do not control your cash someone else will. Here are four steps to improve cash controls.

Protect against losses.

Shortages, robbery, and counterfeits are not a cost of doing business. New solutions check for counterfeits and secure cash at the point of payment,removing opportunities for internal or external losses.

Cut cash handling and logistical cost.

Counting cash all day and paying someone to take it to the bank is a waste of money. 
Automate receipt, authentication, and reconciliation of customer payments, and DO NOT PAY RETAIL. New innovative payment alternatives are available.

Accelerate deposits. 

Make cash transactions as simple as swiping a card by converting cash to electronic deposits. Just because cash is an old accepted payment doesn't mean you have to continue costly old deposit habits. 

Free trapped cash

Squirreling away cash to support operations isn't necessary any longer, and is bad for your bottom line. New solutions and services reduce cash required for operations, or provide it as a service.