4 quick tips to better organize your bank branch

There is something to be said for an organized bank branch, and even if it looks neat and tidy on the surface, your employees will greatly benefit from a detailed, well-maintained and organized system behind the scenes.

An organized bank branch can be achieved in a number of ways. Here are four quick tips to get started:

1. Clean up
A neat bank is not the same as an organized bank, but it is a good place to start. Take a look around the branch and see if there is any useless clutter lying around. You could have gathered too many documents, office supplies or even trash that has simply yet to be removed. If so, clean up the bank and ditch all that clutter. This will provide you a clear starting point for improved organization.

2. Take inventory
Your next step should be an inventory of all your important bank documents and supplies. What needs to be organized? 

Make a list, and keep in mind of few important elements:

  • What needs to be accessed everyday?
  • Who needs access?
  • Where do items need to be stored?

Ranking everything based on importance and priority will help you determine the best location to store items throughout your bank.

"Organization will spare your bank plenty of headaches."

3. Get the team on board
After this is complete, you can talk to your team about the importance of organization. Even the best strategies can be undone by employees who aren't on board, so make sure everyone is working toward the same goal. Hold a meeting where you go over the organizational strategy and discuss ways that each person is responsible. This will help ensure that everything stays on track beyond the initial startup phase.

4. Leverage technology
The last step is perhaps the most important: technology. The right tech can make all the difference for your organization.

For starters, look for ways that you can go paperless. This means converting paper documents and records into their electronic forms. Once on a computer, you can remotely store and access files a lot easier than a traditional paper system. Closely tied to this is cloud computing, which you can use to share information between different devices and employees.

Organization can also be improved via greater efficiency. One example is the cash recycler, which tellers can use to count, sort and store cash. This speeds up the cash-handling aspect of the job and bolsters security. It will also allow you to have a better grip on your money.

Overall, the right approach to organization can improve branch productivity, streamline your operations and make your life a whole lot easier.