3 blossoming bank branch design trends

A bank branch isn't just a place where customers can make deposits or withdraw money. A branch today has to reflect the culture and mission of the bank itself, appeal to customers' motivations and desires all while securely simplifying the banking process.

While this is no small feat, there are a number of branch design trends out there that can balance these demands. In fact, a new direction in branch design may be exactly what your bank needs. 

If so, here are three trends that are catching on across the country:

1. A smarter bank
Bank technology is here to stay. Smart tech, like cash recyclers, can simplify a teller's job and improve cash-handling security. Internet-connected ATMs, on a similar note, increase the available features for users and speed up the banking process. 

Overall, a key branch design trend is the smart bank. Technology plays an increasingly large role, and banks that can avoid that long teller line stand to gain a lot of happier customers. Banks are also leveraging social media for a smarter customer service experience. If your branch has a Twitter account, for example, you can interact with customers in real time and quickly reply to their banking concerns.

ATMHow smart is your bank?

2. A cost-efficient bank
Balancing costs is always an important consideration for any branch. Today, banks are looking for ways to create a quality branch without spending too much money. That can be achieved in a variety of ways.

For starters, banks look at:

  • Building materials
  • Branch design
  • Shorter construction periods
  • Space management

For example, materials and sections can be pre-fabricated. Or, branches can choose a design that better utilizes space and can operate with fewer employees, saving money in the long run.

3. A business-friendly bank
What - and how much - you can sell within your branch is the hallmark of a strong bank. Most sales take place within the branch itself, and your design can influence that. 

One instance is the business-friendly bank. Your design can appeal directly to small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. You can prominently display local goods, create a space to hold local events and foster conversations online as well as in person. Overall, this approach will provide your branch a focus and make it a meeting hub within the community.

The right branch design can appeal to a wide range of goals. Whether you want to save money, get smarter, work with customers or become a thought leader, how you layout and position your bank is one of the first steps.