Software that controls your cash, creates harmony and gets results.

When you gain control of the cash in your locations, you remove the noise from your system. Concert creates harmony in your cash operations and gets everyone playing the same piece of music. With your cash under control, you can focus on getting the results you want from your business.

Security and Accountability

Increased cash security and enterprise-wide accountability are the core of the Concert cash automation solution. On-site cash is held in a UL291 vault and every cash-in and cash-out transaction is tracked with an electronic audit trail. Visibility of all users in all locations ensures that cash inventories can be managed in real time. This new level of accountability creates dramatic reductions in shrinkage.

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Cash Vault Control
Automate the manual processes and let Concert record every transaction, monitor real-time cash position and provide a complete audit trail with vault control functions for cash-in and cash-out accuracy.

Start Funds (Cash & Coin)
Concert can automatically generate start of shift funds and build tills with cash and coin based on individual or workstation profiles.

Exchanges & Pickups
All cash exchanges and safekeeping can be handled directly by cashiers without supervisor assistance or dual control. Concert keeps track of sweeps and pick-ups with the designation of authorized personal to handle these functions for others.

Return Settlement
Returns and end of shift settlement can be performed either by individual users without need for supervisor assistance or can be handled as a supervisor function. Concert’s automatic settling is typically handled in less than one third of the time of traditional hand counted reconciliation.

Deposit preparation, end of day cash shaping and vault settlement is all performed automatically by Concert. Cash is prepared for the next scheduled armored pickup and cash ready for deposit is automatically transferred and tracked into a depository safe with additional audit controls.

Cash Management
Concert maintains a database which gives you visibility of the cash in your operations and the ability to gain control to better manage your cash. Concert provides you with all the information you need and takes the worry out of your cash operations.

Web-based Reporting
Gain clear visibility of your cash inventory in all positions. Concert gives you real-time, web-based reporting on all cash positions including inventory, detailed transaction tracking, start and end of day balances, open bag reports and more. Never loose sight of your cash.

Audit Functions
Accountability of all cash is achieved with Concert’s ability to track and audit all cash functions with ease. Concert’s centralized reporting allows you to view cash totals from all locations, users, bags or tills at any time and speeds up the sales audit process.

Lowered Fees
With real-time visibility of your cash inventories, you can reduce armored fees with fewer armored pick-ups and deliveries. Additionally, you have the option to receive provisional credit from deposits into Concert’s depository safe, which validates, counts and sorts cash that is waiting for the next scheduled armored pick-up.

Reduce Cash Inventories
Recycle the cash at all of your locations. Cash recycling allows for instant use of cash received for cash out requirements, even during the same shift, reducing the amount of cash needed for operations and lowering on-site cash reserves

Key Specs

The Concert system can be configured with a wide range of cash automation hardware components.

Cash Recyclers

The Concert system can be configured with a wide range of cash automation hardware. At ARCA, we understand that one size of cash recycler does not fit every need. We offer a wide range of cash recyclers designed to fit your different environments.

Cash Dispensers

Some environments benefit from adding cash dispensing into the cash room operations. When you have a lot of cashiers and large tills, a cash dispenser can help speed start of shift activity and reduce wait time of cashiers. 

Rolled Coin Dispensers

Rolled coin is the most common method of handling coin today. Concert dispenses rolled coin for till generation or for change needed during a shift. Cashiers receive their coin directly from the dispenser and get to work faster with an accurate record of the coin dispensed.

Loose Coin Acceptors

End of shift turn-in moves quickly, smoothly and more accurately with the Concert loose coin acceptor. Loose, bulk coin is deposited into the acceptor and is sorted, stored and counted automatically. Each cashier’s totals are kept and tracked through Concert’s reporting system.

Bulk Cash Depository

Cash is stored in bulk, inside secure UL291 vaults with Concert. The cash stored inside the system is tracked separately and accounted for in real time with the ability to limit access to just armored carrier personnel.