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ARCA Retail MCS: End-to-end Managed Cash Services

Work with any bank. Get the best CIT. ARCA manages the rest.
CIT Truck

Managed Cash-in-Transit

ARCA Retail MCS offers a unique and flexible solution to your cash-in-transit frustrations: fully managed cash-in-transit. We leverage our buying power and relationships with more than 30 armored car partners to arrange the best CIT provider in the area for each of your retail locations.


Loss Prevention

Smart safes provide retailers with an automated system for securing cash. The smart safe reduces both internal and external theft by increasing accountability and restricting access to your cash to authorized users. Once cash is deposited into the smart safe the funds are fully guaranteed against loss.


Daily ACH Credit

ARCA Retail MCS provides bank agnostic daily credit via ACH transfers. Simply deposit cash throughout the day into the ARCA smart safe, and the funds will be credited to your bank account by the next day.

Managed Cash-in-Transit

No lock-in. No worries. It just works.

ARCA Retail MCS offers a unique and flexible solution to your cash-in-transit frustrations: fully managed cash-in-transit. You get the best CIT service while saving up to 30 percent over other CIT options.

Say good-bye to unreliable CIT, hidden fees and being locked into an unsatisfying long-term armored car contract. We leverage our buying power and relationships with more than 30 armored car partners to arrange the best CIT provider in the area for each of your retail locations. 

The armored car partners are actively monitored 24/7 and ranked for efficiency and dependability. In the event an armored car carrier allows service to suffer for one of your locations or you issue a request, we immediately award that location to a new CIT provider with no cost to you.

We manage CIT, so you don’t have to.


No long-term contracts.

Freedom from lock-in CIT.


Best-in-class service.

CIT providers are monitored 24/7 and ranked for efficiency and dependability.



Cost savings of 10-30% over other CIT solutions.

Daily ACH Credit

Remote cash deposit. To any bank you choose.

Transporting large sums of cash to the bank is a daily challenge for retail businesses. It requires frequent trips to a bank branch by store employees or relies on inconsistent CIT service.

ARCA Retail MCS is an innovative solution that combines technology and fully managed services to help retailers streamline their daily cash management operations. You simply deposit cash throughout the day into your ARCA smart safe. The funds in the smart safe are fully insured immediately and the credited amount is available in your account the next day so you can use it for your daily business needs.

And, we believe you should have the freedom to maintain your current banking relationships. We partner with a financial institution to give you daily ACH credit directly to your existing bank account. 

Of course, the cash eventually has to get to the bank, but that’s no longer your concern. No more wasted time taking deposits to the bank, and you won’t even have to schedule CIT. When it’s time for a cash pickup, CIT will be there. 

As your cash is deposited into the safe, it’s as good as money in the bank.


Bank agnostic.

ACH makes it possible for you to use your existing bank account.


Transportation included.

ARCA MCS removes the risk of transporting large sums of cash to the bank.


Streamline cash flow.

Cash deposited into the smart safe is in your account the next day.

Loss Prevention

Secure your cash. Reduce cash risk.

Cash businesses are prime targets for theft. Registers full of cash tempts would-be robbers and counting out cash by hand presents the perfect opportunity for internal theft. It’s time consuming and expensive to manage and secure cash until you can get it to your bank.

ARCA MCS is an automated system that reduces the risks of cash. When you deposit cash into your ARCA smart safe, it’s money in the bank. Smart safes store cash on site and create an electronic record that is reported to your bank. Funds are fully guaranteed the moment they enter the safe.

Only authorized users have access to cash in the smart safe. Every transaction creates an audit trail which adds accountability to reduce internal theft. Excess till cash can be deposited to the smart safe quickly and discretely so that it’s stored securely out of sight. 

Managed CIT eliminates daily trips to the bank that put employees and cash at risk. Your staff is right where you need them, helping your customers and your business.

We bring the bank to your store.


Cash is out of sight.

Smart safes keep cash safely stored out of sight.


No more bank trips.

ARCA MCS removes the risk of transporting large sums of cash to the bank.


Cash is guaranteed.

Cash deposited into the smart safe is guaranteed against loss.

Efficiency Through Automation

Productive employees. Satisfied customers.

Manual cash management is a perennial challenge for retailers. ARCA Retail MCS transforms your retail cash handling from a manual operation into an automated, streamlined operation.

When you automate the cash management in your stores, you’ll see immediate gains in operational efficiency and productivity. You’ll spend less time, money, and labor counting and sorting cash. And you’ll make critical tasks such as till preparation, end-of-shift reconciliation and till sweeps faster and virtually error-free. 

But the real gains are more productive employees and more satisifed customers. ARCA Retail MCS frees your staff from cash handling burdens so they have time for more important things. 

ARCA manages your cash so you can manage your business.

Average time spent dealing with cash:



hours per week



minutes per day

Cash Management Software

Monitor cash inventory. In real time.

Getting a complete picture of your daily cash position is a difficult task. It becomes infinitely more difficult if there are multiple locations to track. ARCA cash management software solutions are a crucial part of the equation. With a simple click, you are able to consolidate daily transactions, produce detailed reports, and review the cash flow across all of your stores.

ARCA software allows you to assign roles to users so you can control their level of access. 

Example roles Example functions
Cashier  Cashier Simple function, cash in and out
Manager  Manager Reporting capability
CIT  Cash-in-Transit Bag pickup only
Tech  Technician Troubleshooting
Corporate  Corporate Accounting data


Cash flow analysis.

Predicts cash needs, keep excess inventory to a minimum.


Personalized graphical reporting.

Reports all cash activity on every device.


Cash visibility.

Monitor and manage individual users across all stores.

Cash Management Hardware

Take the hands out of cash handling.
CM18b Smart Safe and Cash Recycler

Fixing the back-office problem.

The CM18b is a cash recycling machine with an extended deposit capability that provides benefits to retailers, commercial banks, and cash-in-transit (CIT ) companies.This dual function recycler can prepare cashier tills at the start of the day and receive the returning cash at the end of the day—without any additional supervision. This eliminates labor intensive, cash related tasks from management’s responsibilities. 

In a response to the needs of the leading CIT companies, the CM18b offers the unique feature of a dedicated deposit area. In this section of the machine, notes are neatly stacked in a sealed bag, physically separated from the recycling modules.

ARCA CM18b Smart Safe & Cash Recycler
CSeXtra Smart Safe

High capacity, small footprint.

The CSeXtra is a high-capacity, small footprint, smart safe designed to process cash efficiently and securely at the front line or in the back office.With each deposit, banknotes are quickly validated, and securely stored in an auto-sealing, tamper-evident, stacked plastic bag or a canvas bag.

This system improves in-store security and builds stronger cash management procedures for the smart retailer.

The CSeXtra has a capacity of up to 4,000 stacked notes or 10,000 loose notes and is equipped with an innovative long-edge note acceptor. By accepting notes long-edge first, the CSeXtra exceeds existing short-edge standards in terms of speed and accuracy.

ARCA CSeXtra Smart Safe

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