Cash Deposit


Secure, Fast, Cash Storage

The CS1one is a point-of-sale solution that counts, validates and securely stores cash. This technology helps to reduce shrinkage at the front till, allowing cash to be quickly processed during the actual transaction.

The CS1one’s exclusive auto-sealing, tamper evident, stacked bag combines together the benefits of both cassette and plastic bag. As a result, cash withdrawals are easier and faster while guaranteeing high levels of security during the transportation process.


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With its small footprint and easy integration into existing systems, the CS1one is the perfect machine for the modern retail environment.

Illustration of a woman using an ARCA CS1one

Key Specs

  • Single note acceptance: 1 notes/sec
  • Auto-sealing, tamper evident plastic bag
  • Up to 500 note capacity
  • Connection: USB 2.0, LAN 10-100Mbit/s
  • Electronic lock and door opening approval only after bag sealing
  • Currencies: USD, Euro, British Pound
  • Strong Box: Steel SB 3mm
  • Display: 128 x 64 pixels
  • Dimensions/Weight:
    Standard: 180 x 310 x 340 mm / 18kg
    Tall: 180 x 310 x 570 mm / 22kg
Detailed Specifications Sheet

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