ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

CM18 Solo

It’s the perfect place to start.

Think your retail operation (and budget) is too small for cash recycling? The CM18 Solo is the perfect introduction to cash automation.

We believe every back office deserves the benefits of cash automation—cash technology is within your reach.

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No matter how small.

All retail businesses, big and small, struggle with the same cash problems. The costs of cash management—counting, reconciling, storing, securing and transporting cash—are staggering for businesses of any size. And cash poses risks that account for a huge portion of those costs.

Handling cash consumes hours of staff time. And the smaller your staff, the more valuable their time is.

ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

Time for a checkup.

Back-office operations are a glimpse into the health of your business. Cash automation technology streamlines cash processes so your back office runs more efficiently. They add accountability to reduce your risk of theft. And when you integrate these devices with your internal systems you have insight into your cash position can communicate cash data to your bank and cash transit service to put your cash to work for you sooner.

A healthy back office gives more time to spend on the important things—like engaging customers and selling products—for a healthier bottom line.

ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

CM18 Solo Quick Specs:

  • Deposit/dispense in batches of up to 200 notes (without limits per transaction)
  • Note bundles can contain any supported currency in any order or orientation
  • CM18 Solo Tall: 6, 8, 10 or 12 cassettes
  • 37.09” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • CM18 Solo Short: 6 or 8 cassettes
  • 26.45” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • Deposit speed: 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed: 7 notes per second
  • Up to 500 notes per cassette (6,000 total)
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light, magnetic and ultrasound sensors
  • TCP/IP Ethernet
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