Speed Things Up.

Retailers have been enjoying the benefits of cash recycling for many years. Now you can realize the same returns from your coin.

The ARCA CC3R Coin Recycler is an automated, fully certified safe containing all the technology required to process coin. It quickly dispenses till amounts in the morning. And at the end of the day, it counts, sorts and deposits 1,100 coins in one minute.


Change Has Never Been So Easy.

The ARCA CC3R Coin Recycler gets your staff out of the back cash office room fast. This allows you to increase service and sales while cutting operational costs. 

Staff can open, conduct audits and close quickly without waiting in line for a manager's supervision.


Blink of an Eye ROI.

How much time does it take for someone to count 1,100 coins?

The CC3R Coin Recycler does it in one minute, everytime, all day long. Those time and money savings add up fast. It's simple math that makes common sense for your business. It's a rapid return that equals more profit.


Complete Compatibility and Accountability.

The CC3R Coin Recycler works with all ARCA cash recyclers (shown at right with the CM18b cash recycler). It allows multiple users to simultaneously withdraw and deposit coin from separate access points. This eliminates end-of-shift waiting time that typically occurs.

You will never lose sight of your cash. ARCA software solutions are designed to give you clear visibility of your cash inventory with real-time reporting. Accountability is guaranteed, coin is secured and the need for a manager's supervision is eliminated.

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