Fujitsu F53 & F56
Cash Dispenser

Fujitsu F53 & F56

The Small Footprint Family


The Fujitsu F53 and F56 cash dispensers were designed exclusively for the OEM market. With over 60,000 units installed in self-checkout, kiosks and ATMs, Fujitsu’s bill dispensers are in a league of their own.

Both models can be configured to be serviced from the front or rear making installation and integration by OEMs a snap. And with multiple delivery options like semi-bunch, tray, bulk transports, and custom transports, it allows deployers to customize and differentiate their cash delivery programs.

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These dispensers can hold their own when it comes to capacity. They have the ability to be configured with 2-6 cassettes; each cassette is capable of holding up to 500 new notes.

Additionally, the cassettes can be configured with locks so they can be transported securely and safely by your CIT companies. Each cassette can be adjusted to support a variety of media sizes enabling you to use the same dispenser for domestic and international currency. 

An optional 1,000 note additional denomination module option lowers the overall cost for larger capacity applications.

Key Specs

  • Bill Count Speed: 2 Notes/Second
  • Number of Cassettes: Up to 6 Casssettes
  • Front, rear, or dual service
  • Spray or bundle presentation
  • Interface: RS232C
  • Optional 1,000 note additional denomination module
  • Capacity: New US note 500 each cassette
  • Dimensions:
    F53 / 6.30” x 13.82” x 12.99”
    F56 / 6.30” x 15.63” x 14.76”
Detailed Specifications Sheet

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