OEM Integration


Bridging the gap between software and hardware.

Integrating devices with kiosk application software is a challenge. Some device manufacturers provide drivers or an API for their device, but the kiosk integrator often is faced with multiple different devices from many different manufacturers.

We’ve developed a single API that spans multiple hardware manufacturers, multiple operating systems, and multiple programming languages. Envoy.

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Envoy provides a common API to support multiple devices in the kiosk. In a nutshell, your application development challenges just became much easier.

With support for the latest development platforms and operating systems, many existing applications can use Envoy API without wrapping or complicated modification.

Key Specs

  • Supports several cash automation devices including dispensers, acceptors, recyclers, coin hoppers and more.
  • Compatible with USB, RS232, LAN
  • Supports several currencies across all supported devices, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, MXN, and many more
  • Supports Windows and Linux OS
  • Java and C#/.NET app development supported
  • API is built on manufacturers’ low-level protocol, not a wrapper
  • Extensive device-level error-handling
  • Programmer’s Guide documenting device support using Envoy API.