Self-service with a human touch.

Designed for usability, the myTeller solution enhances the most critical customer touch point—the retail branch.

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ARCA MyTeller Assisted Self-Service

Branch Transformation

Shifting standard transactions to an assisted self-service format increases transaction speed and overall branch efficiency. myTeller has been designed to provide an assisted self-service option for a more convenient, flexible, and intuitive branch environment. Retail banking transactions are complex and time-consuming; this is a problem. Financial institutions need to leverage customer branch visits to their advantage. By adopting assisted self-service technology, financial institutions can accelerate branch transformation efforts.

This technologically advanced system can manage standard transactions such as cash, check and coin deposits, and also has the additional flexibility to process loan payments, balance transfers and withdrawals in any denomination without strict ATM limits.

The possibilities are endless.

ARCA MyTeller Assisted Self-Service
Over 80% of standard teller transactions can be handled through self-service where the customer completes the task autonomously. This increases to more than 95% when a staff member provides assistance at the self-service station.

With myTeller, you can:

  • Offer assisted self-service convenience for simple and complex transactions
  • Enable more transactions in non-traditional branch formats
  • Share the same data across all branch devices and systems
  • Empower team members with mobile technology
  • Enable an instant response to real-time data
  • Enhance revenue through amazing customer experiences

Transaction Transformation

Shifting a large portion of transaction volume to a lower cost assisted self-service channel reallocates valuable staff resources. The confluence between teller and customer is the crucial moment where the branch can strengthen the customer relationship and truly become a trusted financial partner.

The key to success is building a customer experience that is simple, yet empowers them to have a deeper conversation with a banker if needed.

At its heart, myTeller is designed for teller transactions, operating on the same system with teller devices. A single system avoids the cost of integrating additional software and training staff on new processes.

ARCA MyTeller Assisted Self-Service

myTeller Quick Specs:

  • Banknote Recycling
  • Coin Recycling
  • Check Processing


  • Width: 37.05 in / 941 mm
  • Depth: 40.71 in / 1034 mm
  • Counter height: 33.86 in / 860 mm
  • Weight: 1829.84 lb / 830 kg
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