Check scanner software that maximizes machine and human readability

scans of checksMaximize machine and human readability of all captured items with ClearPIX—Image Enhancement

As financial institutions move to teller-capture, the need to speed processing and reduce deferrals becomes acute. The same is true at other capture points including lockbox and remote deposit capture. But how do you keep difficult-to-read items from getting in the way?

ClearPIX middleware improves Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) scoring and human readability, allowing tellers and commercial users to process items faster and with greater accuracy. It features advanced algorithms that enhance accuracy and image quality during item capture. The advanced capabilities of ClearPIX allow users to capture and process even the most difficult to read items, such as money orders, WIC vouchers and postal orders—in-line and in real-time—improving the customer experience and operational efficiency. 

Using a patented process, ClearPIX automatically recognizes the item-type of a scanned document and then applies the proper algorithms to reduce background noise and enhance the contrast on foreground objects, such as the courtesy amount. The enhanced image is then converted bitonally and passed to the image capture platform for CAR/LAR processing. 


With ClearPIX, financial institutions can:

Improve workflow

  • Significantly reduce the number of items that must be manually proofed
  • Speed manual proofing where necessary (due to improved human readability)
  • Reduce the number of deferred documents – money orders, WIC vouchers, and other exceptions
  • Store excellent images for archiving and research (in small black and white file size)

Reduce costs

  • Significantly reduce CAR mis-reads, saving time and money on downstream repair
  • Eliminate hard costs associated with exception processing
  • Save labor costs from item rework

Key Specs

  • Improves CAR scores, reduce mis-reads, and improve human readability
  • Works on all checks as well as difficult-to-read items such as money orders, WIC vouchers, and postal orders
  • Includes the capabilities of CTS’ TopImage check enhancement middleware plus a decisioning intelligence and additional algorithms for enhancing various item types
  •  Works with all CTS scanners and is compatible with all major CAR/LAR engines