Instant Issuance | Financial

ARCA CPS120 Embosser

Issue cards directly from the comfort of your desk.

ARCA CPS120 Embosser Instant Issuance
ARCA CPS120 Embosser

In less than 30 seconds, the CPS120 delivers personalized debit/credit financial cards as well as high-end loyalty cards into your customer’s hands.

This compact desktop unit is a perfect combination of style and function, blending together into a modern, technologically advanced machine.

The CPS120 can be easily configured for embossing, tipping, as well as front and rear indenting. It also provides programming options for mag-stripe and chip, contact and contactless cards.

Both physical and logical security has been carefully implemented by a combination of mechanical and software controlled locks, DES encryption algorithms and multiple level password protected operations.


100 cards input hopper, automatic feeding and single feed *

Manual single feed version
120 chars stainless steel daisy wheel embosser, easy installation of new types
50 finished cards output hopper, hopper full sensor *
30 cards reject bin, bin full sensor *
Back indenting, easy cartridge replacement
Monochrome tipping
Magnetic stripe encoder, high / low coercivity
Operator panel : 2x24 LCD display, 12 keys numeric keypad, 5 status LEDs
Cabinet key-lock, software operated


Password protected procedure

Mechanical and electronic lock
Fixing bolts
Triple DES encryption
Input hopper lock protected *
Separate cover access for supplies *

Character Standard Types

OCR 7B (Farrington), Standard Gothic

Rear Indent
Front Indent types (requires Front Indent module)


RS232, Ethernet, USB 2.0


Card production: 120 card/hour

1 card in 30 seconds
Daily throughput: 100 cards


Height: 295 mm / 11.61 in Width: 450 mm / 17.72 in

Length: 650 mm / 25.60 in

Power Supply

Input: 100-240 Vac ±10%, 50-60 Hz, 200W


CE, CSA C & US, FCC Class A EN 60950


Fully programmable DLL for Windows 2000/XP

Standard Windows Printer driver


Front Indent module, easy cartridge replacement

ICC smart card controller
EMV compliant Contactless card controller