Perfect balance.

Cash recycling and cash deposit in one device.

The CM18b is a recycler that handles cash many times faster than a teller... without human error. Staff are freed to spend this reclaimed time with customers discovering needs and generating revenue.

The CM18b is also a deposit solution that automatically bags cash. The bags are sealed securely inside the unit and are ready for CIT pickup. No more cash strapping, giving staff even more time to serve customers.

This recycling and deposit machine allows staff to recycle the cash needed for daily cash transactions as well as commercial change orders. It also reduces the time staff spends manually preparing cash for shipments and eliminates the need for dual control.  

Our practical dual function device is built on a proven, reliable cash recycling platform and geared towards the future of cash automation.

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ARCA CM18 Evo Cash Recycler
Illustration showing ARCA CM18b's cash deposit paths.

Right size. Right fit.

The CM18b offers the unique feature of a dedicated bagging system. In one section of the machine, notes are neatly and perfectly stacked in a sealed bag, physically separated from the recycling modules, giving you unlimited capability

Never strap again, just remove the bag and deposit. The CM18b makes manual cash management a thing of the past.

The CM18b eliminates labor intensive, cash related tasks from management’s responsibilities. By automating traditional manual cash handling processes you will realize lower labor costs while freeing employees to focus on what matters most — the customer.


CM18b Quick Specs:

  • Deposit/dispense transactions in batches of up to 200 notes
  • Deposit speed up to 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed up to 7 notes per second
  • Recycling area: up to 6 recycling cassettes, up to 500 notes per cassette (3,000 notes)
  • Deposit area:  A mechanically sealing bag with a capacity of 3,000 banknotes
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light plus magnetic and ultrasound sensors
  • RS232, USB 2.0 and TCP/IP connectivity
  • Dimensions/Weight: 1035 x 440 x 900 mm / 450kg
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