ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

CM18 Solo

The personal cash recycler.

Designed exclusively with the individual user in mind. The CM18 Solo automates cash-in and cash-out transactions for a single operator, making the shared experience the one with the customer.

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Branch evolution —
technology at your pace.

Our solutions can be customized exactly to the strategic needs of your branch. They can be deployed at different moments, depending on your operational plans. It’s an evolutionary approach, not revolutionary.

We take a step-by-step approach to the evolution of the branch and our retail banking solutions have been aligned to each of these steps.

ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

The perfect fit for the single teller.

Branches are changing. And the CM18 Solo is designed with the universal banker in mind. It can be positioned discreetly under a desk, ready to handle cash transactions, or beautifully blend in while other services are being sold.

Consider it your sidekick. Your reliable and dependable partner. It's got your back. It creates opportunities and allows you to delegate the mind-numbing and resource-consuming tasks that have burdened tellers since the beginning of banking.

It’s your very cute, little buddy.

ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

CM18 Solo+
Flexibility from top to bottom.

The CM18 Solo+ is designed for those looking for the benefits of cash recycling, increased storage options, and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing branch.

The Solo+ adds a secure cash drawer and rolled coin locker pedestal base to the cash recycler. Drawers are lockable with a common key, allowing the user to walk to and from their position while the cash remains protected.

And the Solo+ provides options for future-proofing the branch. By simply removing the pedestal and drawer, the cash recycler can be moved from behind the traditional teller line and into a universal banking branch model. The Solo+ provides a robust cash automation solution for today, and flexibility for tomorrow.

ARCA CM18 Solo Plus Cash Recycler

CM18 Solo Quick Specs:

  • Deposit/dispense in batches of up to 200 notes (without limits per transaction)
  • Note bundles can contain any supported currency in any order or orientation
  • CM18 Solo Tall: 6, 8, 10 or 12 cassettes
  • 37.09” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • CM18 Solo Short: 6 or 8 cassettes
  • 26.45” (h) x 17.32” (w) x 31.50” (l)
  • Deposit speed: 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed: 7 notes per second
  • Up to 500 notes per cassette (6,000 total)
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light, magnetic and ultrasound sensors
  • TCP/IP Ethernet
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