CM18 Evo

Evolving with the branch.

Designed to adapt to a retail banking landscape that is in a constant state of change.

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ARCA CM18 Evo Cash Recycler
ARCA CM18 Evo Cash Recycler

One machine.
Many options.

In today’s uncertain retail banking environment, there is one certainty—things are changing. With the rise of mobile and online banking, branch transactions are declining, and people are reevaluating their banking needs. In response, financial institutions are adapting by testing alternative branch designs that offer a different customer experience.

It’s this changing environment that led us to design the transformative CM18 Evo cash recycler. The CM18 Evo is the only cash recycler that can be used by both tellers and customers.

It evolves.

The CM18 Evo integrates seamlessly into any modern cash teller environment, performing the counting, deposit and dispensing of banknotes in the simplest and most straight-forward of manners while increasing security at the teller position.

A shifting bank strategy requires technology that can evolve with your changes. The CM18 Evo dynamically changes the perception of a traditional cash recycler. With a customer-friendly interface and advanced security features, this technology can be transitioned from behind the teller line to an assisted self-service branch model. This provides you with the flexibility that is unprecedented in the industry.

ARCA CM18 Evo Cash Recycler

The evolutionary approach.

ARCA CM18 Evo - Teller Operated

Teller Operated

Traditional single or dual-teller configuration behind the teller line.

ARCA CM18 Evo - Customer Operated

Customer Operated

Cash component of the transaction migrates from the teller to customer facing.

ARCA CM18 Evo - Assisted Self Service

Assisted Self Service

CM18 Evo transitions to an assisted self-service kiosk environment.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to adjust your strategy to a changing retail banking landscape.

CM18 Evo Quick Specs:

  • 3.5” operator touch screen interface
  • Modular note storage allows for multiple configurations based on capacity needs
  • Simultaneous processing of up to four currencies
  • ARCA Care remote service plan
  • Lighting system on input/output bins for customer usability
  • Lockable upper track for customer applications
  • Shutter system option available
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Technology shouldn’t dictate your branch strategy.

Schedule a short call with one of our specialists to see how the ARCA CM18 Evo can evolve with your branch.