ARCA 2000
Cash Dispenser

ARCA 2000

Compact, High Volume, Cash Dispenser

With its lower price and easy maintenance, the ARCA 2000 is an excellent choice for businesses that want to automate cash handling with a lower up-front investment and total cost of ownership.  The ARCA 2000’s small footprint is deceiving. It is one of the most compact teller cash dispensers in the industry, but has a capacity of 10,000 notes, making it equal in performance to the largest units on the market today.

Speed is also one of its attributes.  The ARCA 2000 uses fast dispensing technology and features such as single note divert to dramatically lower transaction times when involving cash back to the customer.

Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of cash automation. 

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With its ability to store up to 10,000 bank notes and dispense a stack of up to 200 notes, it can also serve as your secure, automated cash vault.

  • Reduce exposed cash
  • Increase accuracy
  • Space saving design
  • Four denomination modules
  • Large 10,000 note capacity
  • Up to 200 notes per bundle at a time

Key Specs

  • 10,000 note capacity
  • 2,500 notes per cassette
  • Note Delivery: 200 note stacking dispense
  • UL291 Level 1 safe (24 hour)
  • Connectivity: USB, LAN/Ethernet, 2 Host (RS232C) connections
  • Alarm options: Seismic, Thermal, Door contact, Power timer
  • Lock options: Mechanical, Electronic w/time delay, ambush alarm, or audit trail.
  • Dimensions: 457 x 765 x 594 mm (18” x 20.125” x 23.375”)
  • Weight: 308 kg / 680 lbs
Detailed Specifications Sheet