Financial Solutions

Cash Recycling

The CM18 cash recycler technology is the most deployed cash-recycling platform in the world. Each recycler within this family is meticulously engineered with an eye towards the future of cash handling. Employees can dedicate their time to customers, not cash.

Next generation cash recycling
Evolving with the branch.
ARCA CM18 Solo
The personal cash recycler
Fixing the back-office cash problem.

Assisted Self-Service

Reducing operational expenses while nurturing important customer relationships is a key component to a successful and profitable branch. The myTeller assisted self-service system helps you transition from transactional to a relationship-based banking environment.

Self-service with a human touch.

Cash Dispensing

ARCA’s cash dispensing products accelerate transactions, reduce exposed cash, and can serve as a secure, automated cash vault. With a low cost of ownership, businesses are able to positively impact the bottom line quickly.

ARCA 2600
Intelligently designed for high volume operations.
ARCA 2000
Compact, High Volume, Cash Dispenser

Teller Image Capture

With more than 1 million units deployed, ARCA’s check readers and scanners are tried and tested by some of the world’s largest banks. Their dependability, coupled with advanced imaging technology, increase productivity for the end user.

Compact, simple, reliable MICR check reader
Petite Meets Power
Bulk Processing Workhorse
Engineered for Performance
Big Impact in a Small Package

Coin Handling

This is the perfect compliment to your cash recycling solution. By enabling coin dispensing at the teller line, you boost teller efficiency by shaving valuable seconds off every transaction.

Telequip Coin Dispenser
Accurate Change, Instantly

Instant Issuance

Using our proprietary daisy wheel embossing technology, ARCA’s instant issuance printers deliver high-quality loyalty and personalized financial cards into your customer’s hands quickly. Multiple options are available including: dye sublimation, contact/contactless cards, magstripe encoding, smart card encoding, and more.

ARCA CPS120 Embosser
Issue cards directly from the comfort of your desk.


Often unappreciated, but vitally important, software makes the world work. ARCA’s team of software engineers is experts on the many challenges of working with cash. We offer a variety of software solutions that make integration and your job easier. .

ARCA Branch
Branch software that plays well with others.
Check scanner software that maximizes machine and human readability
ID Capture / Recognition
Software that improves customer service and reduces fraud with ID capture, OCR, and 1D/2D barcode recognition