Our Response to Coronavirus

Tech Services resources for customers and cash recycler best practices to cut transaction times and increase security.

ARCA Technical Services is here for our customers.

As we all continue to navigate these unprecedented times when so many businesses are closed, we recognize that many ARCA customers — banks, credit unions, and retailers — remain open and must continue to provide essential services in their communities.

ARCA Technical Support

We want to assure you that ARCA Technical Services teams are fully operational and committed to servicing our customers during this time.

The ARCA US Manufacturing team is also up and running to ensure our network of certified technicians have access to all essential spare parts needed to service your machines.

ARCA Technical Support

Our Help Desk is maintaining its normal operating hours and our support specialists are readily available to assist you with any issue. If you are having any problems with a machine or are concerned that your machine isn’t running optimally, please call us.

The North American Technical Support Help Desk Team is available:

Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 9:00pm, EST
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00 pm, EST.

We can be reached at 919-442-5340 or 866-377-2722 or support@arca.com.

The ARCA United Kingdom Technical Support Helpdesk Team is available at +44-114-3032275 or uktechservices@arca.com.

Cleaning and disinfecting your TCR

Here are our recommendations on how to disinfect your ARCA cash recyclers:

ARCA Technical Support
  • Do clean the touch screens and hardware surfaces using a microfiber cleaning cloth or cloth towel and a diluted detergent solution, such as household soap and water or a solution with up to 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Do spray the disinfectant solution on a cleaning microfiber cleaning cloth or cloth towel then wipe the surface to be cleaned.
  • Do use the ARCA supplied cleaning supplies that are provided such as the feeder. cleaning card and reader cleaning swab for the internal components.
  • Do dispose of the used cleaning cloths and materials after each use.
  • Do wash/sanitize your hands after cleaning.

  • Don’t apply any cleaning products, including spray aerosol cleaners and agents, directly to the screen, hardware or internal components.
  • Don't soak the cleaning cloth with cleaning solution or agents.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners such as powders or any abrasive cleaning materials such as a scrub brush or scouring pads.
  • Don’t forget to also clean and sanitize the peripherals as well e.g. monitors, keyboards, coin dispensers and nearby high contact surfaces.

Best practices for cash recyclers with a reduced staff

Now more than ever, the ARCA cash recyclers already in your branches can help your staff and we want to remind you of best practices to follow during this time:

  • Tellers should stop counting all cash deposits and withdrawals. That is one of the main benefits of an ARCA cash recycler and will help your reduced staff be more productive and serve your customers at a faster speed.
  • Stop performing dual control practices and let your TCRs work. Your ARCA cash recycler is accurate and human-error free. This will cut transaction times in half and minimize contact with cash for your staff.
  • Rely on your cash recycler as a vault and eliminate buys and sells. This will also decrease total transaction time for skeleton staffing and drive-thru only locations.
  • Reduce your auditing frequency or perform soft audits. Print the cassette totals and match them with the totals reflected on the unit’s display. You can also choose to audit a specific cassette or denomination versus auditing the whole unit.

Coronavirus, Cash, and Cash Recyclers in the News

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