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ARCA unveils next-generation personal cash recycler

The CM18 Solo - The perfect fit for the single user

MEBANE, NC — April 18, 2016 — ARCA, a global leader in cash automation technology for the financial and retail industries, is proud to introduce the latest addition to its product portfolio - the CM18 Solo cash recycler. The Solo is designed as the perfect solution for single users and is built on ARCA’s CM Platform, the most deployed cash recycling platform in the world.

The Solo is ideal for financial institutions wanting to implement and enjoy the benefits of the universal banker strategy, enabling tellers to increase efficiency and create a more personalized customer experience. This versatile machine is compact, has a high note capacity and is easily integrated with many of the most popular teller core platforms.

The Solo is also an excellent fit for retailers who are looking for a fast, safe and flexible cash management system for the front or back office that simplifies traditional labor-extensive cash processes. The Solo creates a substantial opportunity to increase security and at the same time reduce shortages and shrinkage.

The ARCA CM18 Solo:

  • The personal cash recycler for the single user
  • Modern, compact design with high capacity
  • Built on the most deployed in the world — The ARCA CM Platform
  • Available in two sizes, tall and short
  • Designed for small spaces, the short is perfect for positioning under a desk or counter

“We're very excited about this new evolution of our cash recycler product line,” said Matteo Ciampi, Head of Industrial Design at ARCA. “We wanted it to be pleasing to the eye and simple for the single user. This makes the Solo ideal for the types of tight spaces found in some banks and retail locations. And the LED operational lights will help users with their transactions and monitoring the status of the machine.”

The ARCA CM18 Solo will be officially unveiled Monday, April 18, at FIS Infoshare, the premier banking technology event in Orlando, Florida and is only available in the U.S.

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