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ARCA completes global transition to Holacracy

This is the first-known deployment of dynamic organizational structure in Italy

MEBANE, NC — November 10, 2015 — ARCA, a global leader in cash automation and payment technologies, announced today that its Italian operations will begin operating under a distributed authority organizational structure—Holacracy. The transition follows ARCA’s operations in the United States and United Kingdom, which adopted Holacracy in July 2014.

Holacracy is a system for structuring, governing, and running an organization that uses a defined set of rules and processes to engage and empower employees and unlock organizational potential. ARCA adopted Holacracy because of founder and CEO Mort O’Sullivan’s view that it would make the company more agile and efficient as it continued to grow.

“I see Holacracy as a way for us to effectively distribute authority within the company, allowing for better, faster decisions that make us more responsive to internal and external changes,” said O’Sullivan. “This is a dynamic system that supports ARCA’s growth, and I am excited to extend our use of it to Italy.”

ARCA’s operations in Italy date to its December 2014 acquisition of the CTS Group, an Ivrea, Italy-based collection of companies known for excellence in the development and manufacture of cash-, check-, and coin-processing technologies. Introducing Holacracy to the Italian employees is an important step in the integration of the companies into a single company with global reach.

“Bringing all ARCA team members into this system will accelerate our unification and our growth,” said Enrico Bocchiardi, managing director of ARCA in Italy. “We are proud to be the first Holacracy in Italy and to join other creative companies on a new frontier in organizational management.”

The introduction of Holacracy in Italy is yet another step in Holacracy’s rapid spread throughout Europe.

“Conventional top-down management worked great in the industrial age, but we need new approaches to respond to today's demands,” said Brian Robertson, creator of Holacracy and author of the book Holacracy: A New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World. “Pioneers like ARCA are showing the world that there are other ways to organize, and they work.”

Other than ARCA, prominent practitioners of Holacracy include Zappos, a Las Vegas-based online shoe and clothing retailer; Medium, a San Francisco-based publishing platform; and David Allen Company, an Amsterdam-based consulting and training firm focused on personal and organizational productivity.

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