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Virginia Scrap Metal Company Benefits From Cash Automation

The ARCA 2600 cash dispenser gives Potomac Metals convenience, security

MEBANE, NC (July 23, 2013)—Potomac Metals Inc. (PMI), in an effort to provide an exceptional customer experience, has installed the ARCA 2600 cash dispenser at its newest facility in Beltsville, Maryland.

The high-capacity, automated ARCA 2600 speeds up cash transactions, increases accounting accuracy, and serves as a secure cash vault for PMI’s daily operations. As one of the busiest scrap metal companies in the mid-Atlantic region, PMI understands that making the customer’s exchange process easier is definitely a competitive advantage.

“One of the driving factors in switching over to cash dispensers was the convenience, and the amount of time for customers to get in and out of our facilities,” said Eric Zwilsky, Vice President at PMI. “People rarely have to get out of the car when they come in to us. With a lot of our competitors it’s tougher to get in-and-out, and it takes a lot of time. It just makes things a lot quicker.”

Another factor in Zwilsky’s decision to purchase the ARCA 2600 was security. The strength of UL291-rated safe was never more apparent than a few weeks ago, when a burglar tried to break into the dispenser unsuccessfully.

“The person tried to get into the dispenser by taking a couple saws to it,” Zwilsky said. “The outside of it doesn’t look pretty, but he wasn’t able to get in. When we came in the next morning, we saw that someone was in there, but the machine was still running.”

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Since 1997, Potomac Metals, Inc. has been providing scrap metal recycling services to commercial, industrial, and government customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region. In addition to its six convenient drive-in facilities, PMI offers onsite mobile pick-up, roll-off container service, data destruction and electronics recycling.

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