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Pomegranate Supermarket - 3 Million Notes Recycled and Counting

Abraham Banda’s Pomegranate Supermarket in Brooklyn was growing fast and overwhelming their cash machine. As Pomegranate’s business increased, so did the need for ones and fives for start funds to open tills. The quantity and quality of the notes were difficult for his present cash recycler to process. The reject hopper was also constantly filling up requiring key store members to stop daily to reconcile it. Mr. Banda decided they had better things to do in the fast paced store then count cash, and was looking for alternatives.

In 2009, Mr. Banda approached ARCA about using their cash recycler in his cash room. He was primarily concerned about the reject hopper capacity of ARCA cash recyclers. When he learned ARCA cash recycler technology eliminated the need for a reject hopper and he wanted to know more. Later that year Pomegranate Supermarket replaced their existing cash recycler with an ARCA cash recycler.

Three years and three million banknotes later ARCA sat down with Pomegranate Director of Operations, Avi Gantz to review the system.

When you operate a high volume store like Pomegranate and are open 7AM -12AM on Thursday nights, you have to know the machine that keeps cash moving can handle the volume. “The corners of the ARCA machine have been made smooth by daily usage. It has consistently proven itself secure, fast, and reliable”, commented Mr. Gantz.

The ARCA system automates cash for till start funds, reconciles daily revenue, and prepares bank deposits. The system works with existing lane coin machines streamlining cash operations for both bills and coins to assure every penny is accounted for.

ARCA system permissions limit cash access to managers, and key executives for only the tasks they need to complete. “It is the tightest cash control security in the market”, says Jim Halpin, ARCA Retail Solutions Director.

The system is constantly monitored, and preventative maintenance is accomplished based on the number of notes processed to make sure the next three million banknotes are processed as quickly, accurately as the first three million.

If you visit Pomegranate be sure to check out the Kosher food specialties , sushi, and pasty departments, and ask Avi Gantz, about his cash machine. Pomegranate works hard to make their corporate slogan “everything better” true, including their cash operations.

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About Pomegranate Supermarkets

Located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Pomegranate is one of New York City’s most popular kosher grocery stores. The 20,000-square-foot market offers a wide range of products — from gourmet cheeses and freshly prepared sushi to gluten-free baked goods and international spices — all of which are certified kosher. It is committed to providing quality products and unmatched customer service. To learn more, call (718) 951-7112 or email

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